A container wrapper based on Alpine Linux for Sphinx based reStructuredText [rst] written documentation. is written for writing and testing documentation for Plone. It may or may not fit your use case.

The main purpose of is testing, this is what is written for. However you also can use to build your documentation for production.


  • One installation
  • One configuration
  • Speed
  • Works with different Operating Systems
  • Not messing with system python and other dependencies
  • ‘Smallish’
  • reStructuredText lint
  • Sphinx lint
  • HTML test-builds
  • HTML deployment builds
  • Spell-check
  • configuration helper


If you do not have Docker installed yet, please follow the official install guide.


docker pull


docker pull

Assumptions assumes that the documentation you want to test is located in a directory called docs and that the documentation is written is .rst.


Change into the main directory of your project.

For this example the code repository of the is used.

cd Projects/tiramisu/

If you do now a ls, you will see we have here a directory called docs.

Picture of repository with 'ls' output

Running a test build:

Generated HTML

Picture of generated HTML

Running a deployment build:

Generated HTML

Picture of generated HTML