New in version 2.1.

Configuration uses a set of pre-configured add-ons and settings, which are most useful for testing Plone documentation.

You can find it on GitHub.

Use Your Own Configuration File


There is no warranty that will work with your own custom configuration, since is build with a pre-configured set of add-ons.

If you have already a own configuration file [] you can try use it. Copy it into your docs directory and it may work, it dependents on your configuration. If your own setup, is using a add-on which is not installed within this will

Create Base Configuration

You can use to create a base configuration.

This is a good start, if you want to test building your project documentation, with your logo, company name and so on.


docker run --rm -v "${PWD}/docs":/build/docs:rw -u "$(id -u)":"$(id -g)" config

will copy a base template into your /docs directory.

You can now open the file in /docs with the editor of your choice and start to adjust settings.

For example you may want to change ExampleProjectName with the real name of your project. You can find more information about possible configuration settings in the Sphinx documentation.

Spell-check uses a default word-list for spell checking, this list written for Plone and contains terms which are typical known in Plone but not by spell-checker of dictionaries.

If you want to add missing, new or your own needed terms or words to the spell-check you can add them on top of the document.

.. spelling::