Running A Test Build

docker run --rm -v "${PWD}/docs":/build/docs:rw -u "$(id -u)":"$(id -g)" testhtml

Running Spell-Check

docker run --rm -v "${PWD}/docs":/build/docs:rw -u "$(id -u)":"$(id -g)" spellcheck

Read more about spell-check.

Using Configuration Template

docker run --rm -v "${PWD}/docs":/build/docs:rw -u "$(id -u)":"$(id -g)" config

Read more about a custom base setup.

Building For Deployment

docker run --rm -v "${PWD}/docs":/build/docs:rw -u "$(id -u)":"$(id -g)" html

Read more about a deployment setup.

Using A Script


This is on your own risk, before you download and use it, please review it first! Never use scripts without review !!

To make the usage of easier and faster, there is a bash script, which also adds certain logics such as directory and file checking. Use this on your own risk !

You can find the script on GitHub.

curl -o /usr/local/bin

This will download the script called into /usr/local/bin.

Feel free to adjust the location according to your setup/needs.

Script Usage:

Picture of help message from the script


Running a test build:

mrdocs -testbuild